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How To Do Twitter Follow Friday #FF The Right Way.

This article was written and originally published by Amy Donohue:

Follow Friday also known as #FF is an exercise introduced by Micah Baldwin In 2009. It is a day on Twitter that you can recommend to your followers’ other people you think they’d like to follow.

The exercise was introduced to help new Twitter users get more ideas on who to follow.

Since you cannot start following people randomly, you would definitely trust the recommendations of your friends as to who to follow on Twitter. And that was the main idea behind Follow Friday also written as #FF.

Follow Friday only happens on Friday and by Saturday, the exercise closes to resume by midnight on Thursday. It has become an international exercise.

While most people look forward to Fridays, I dread them. Picture me walking through quicksand after a night of no A/C, which happened to me last night.

So, a Thursday night in Phoenix, Arizona, with no air conditioning, and a Friday to wake up to, means I know I’m going to get pretty stabby in the morning.

I Hate The #FF Exercise.

Follow Friday is spam unless it’s done the right way. Recommend people you actually interact with. People whose tweets you find informational or enjoyable.

GIVE your followers a REASON to follow people.

Here is How to Participate in Follow Friday #FF

Twitter Follow Friday #FF

Note that participating in the Twitter Follow Friday #FF exercise requires no registration of any form. All that is required is for you to own a Twitter account.

The #FF exercise is seen as a fun activity that increases Twitter engagement and helps new Twitter users to know who to follow in a specific niche.

However, some people fail to carry out the exercise correctly, hence; I have created 3 steps to participate in the Follow Friday exercise.

1. Choose the accounts you would like to recommend to your followers. Ensure that these accounts are active and are offering value on Twitter.

You can recommend multiple users at the same time as long as they have something valuable to share with your followers.

2. You can now write down the usernames and be sure to spell them out correctly to avoid sending your followers to a broken page or wrong Twitter profile.

3. Finally, create a tweet in which you list out the accounts you are recommending to your followers. Ensure that you give your followers a reason to follow a particular account.

While listing the accounts, remember to add the “@” symbol before each username name followed by a comma to separate the names, and finally add the #FF hashtag to your tweet.

Here’s an example:

“#FF @TheFabSocial for great information about Social Media.”

Now, if I were a person in marketing or Social Media, I’d be looking for new accounts to follow.

Wait, that’s what I do! If I saw someone tweet this, I’d check out the profile and then, most likely, follow. Give an example of why that account deserves a follow.

Here’s the WRONG, spammy way:

“#FF @fadkafjsdk @fdkadfjpab @eapciamd @paacma” and that’s it.

WHY should I follow them?  Are they your cousin’s neighbor who makes awesome BBQ ribs? Are they a really funny account?

And the worst part:

The people in that tweet who retweet it, with no message added. THEN THEY REPLY ALL, without even looking at the others mentioned in the tweet. It’s kind of ignorant if you ask me. “Blah blah blah I’M SO GREAT blah blah blah.”

Help make the world a better place by doing #FF in a way that people will actually use, enjoy, and murder fewer people.

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