WBU Meaning in Social Media

This post explains the real WBU meaning in social media. The post also reveals common illustrations on how to use WBU on social media and other terms that can be used interchangeably with WBU on social media. So, if you’re someone looking to get new insights on the many social media expressions out there, then you’ll definitely love this guide.

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Social Media Expressions Explained

There are so many ways that people choose to express themselves online, with the most common of them is emojis.


According to

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According to Sproutsocial, including emojis in your social media posts will:

  • Increase engagement on Twitter by 25%
  • Increase number of shares on Facebook by 33%
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And it goes beyond that…

Including some sort of expression in your posts goes a long way in communicating with your social media audience.

WBU Meaning in Social Media

The need for an easier, more effective, and quick way to communicate online has led social media enthusiasts to come up with different acronyms for different words and sentences online, and one of them is the WBU meaning in social media.

WBU in social media simply stands for – What About You…

This usually follows a response or point of view that requires the other party to respond back as directed.

Now, it’s really not that complex, it’s just mere English…

Let’s say, you’re asked by a friend, “Hey Fred, so what are your plans for today?” then in response, you can reply, “Nothing much Greg, just the usuals… what about you?”, but instead of typing out “what about you” in full, you can simply say “WBU”, and Greg will totally get what you mean.

So, instead, you can say something like – ” Nothing much Greg, just the usuals… WBU?”

Here are some other examples of how to use WBU meaning in social media:

Example 1

Friend 1: I’m craving some honeycomb ice cream. WBU?

Friend 2: Definitely! 5 p.m. my place? 

In this example, friend 1 uses WBU to ask if friend 2 would like to meet up for ice cream.

Example 2

Friend 1: Do u really wanna go to Joan’s house-warming party 2night?

Friend 2: Why not! it’d be fun. wbu? wouldn’t you like to be there too?

In this example, friend 2 uses WBU to know exactly whether or not friend 1 wants to attend Joan’s house-warming party.

Example 3

Friend 1: Yo gee, let’s not meet up with Collins this time tomorrow. I still need time to think.

Friend 2: OK, that’s probably the best thing to do now to cool off before bringing this up again. I can do Thursday, WBU?

Friend 1: Thursday after lunch sounds good. I’ll get all my thoughts written down tonight then, so I can better explain everything to him.

In this example of how to use WBU meaning in social media, friend 2 uses WBU to find out if Thursday is a good time for friend 1 to meet up.

What is Another Word for WBU Online?

Consequently. HBU can be used interchangeably for WBU meaning in social media.

HBU is simply a social media expression for asking “How About You” in a conversation online. It can be also be used to learn more about someone or get their point of view on something or someone.

Here are some other examples of how to use HBU interchangeably with WBU meaning in social media:

Example 1

Friend 1: Man, I’m so hungry. 

Friend 2: That’s true! We should have lunch… I could go get some hotdogs right now, HBU?

Friend 1: Na… Sushi sounds better! Meet me in front of the library in 5 minutes! 

In this example, friend 2 uses HBU to know if friend 1 would be interested in having hotdogs, but unfortunately, friend 1 isn’t and just suggests that he and friend 2 go out to have sushi instead.

Example 2

Friend 1: I love hiking, swimming, and dabble at times in playing chess. HBU?

Friend 2: Yea… Swimming is really fun. I’m a big fan of roller derby, as well.

In this example, friend 1 is sharing personal details and makes use of HBU to show interest in friend 2’s hobbies.


90% of the time, these two expressions (WBU and HBU) are typed using lowercase letters all through, but can consequently be used in all capitals to express enthusiasm.

The two social media expressions are also used interchangeably in text messages, chats, and forums, but hardly will you see them being used in videos and images online. Yea, they can be used in videos and images as slang, but majorly to spark up enthusiasm amongst viewers.

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