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How To Grow a Facebook Page Without Spending on Ads

This article was written and originally published by Amy Donohue:

I get a lot of requests for lessons in Social Media. I love teaching people how to do things the right way, and seeing that light bulb go off when I show the ins and outs.

One thing that’s frustrating, though, is that business owners expect things to happen overnight. Think of what happens in real life: It takes time to get to know people, to trust, and to gain trust in business.

You can’t just build a Facebook Page and expect people to search for it or stumble upon it. Sure, you can promote it from your personal Profile and get likes and some engagement that way, but that’s not all that you have to do. You have to go and “like” other pages and comment on their posts.

Here are a few steps to grow your Facebook page organically

1. When you go to the Page, drop down the “edit” button at the top and go to “use Page as Page.”

2. Hit the “home” button, so that you see your Page’s Timeline, also called the News Feed.

Now, if your Page hasn’t liked other Pages, you won’t see much. Boooooo!!!! That’s like having a party, but you didn’t invite anyone, so nobody showed up!

3. Search for other companies that you are familiar with. Most likely, they will be in your geographic area.

You want to find a LOT of other Pages to like so that your News Feed is full of lots of content to interact with. They, in turn, will like your Page.

By the way, Page likes don’t show up in the like count. To see which Pages like yours (so you can return the favor!), go to your Admin panel and click on “Likes.” There is a list of the PEOPLE who like your Page, but you can click on “See likes.”

Drop down the “People who like this” menu, and you’ll see “Pages that like this.” Whoa! You’ll be surprised at the variety of other Pages who came to yours.

Be SURE to return the favor and go to their Page!

4. Like and comment!

Let people know you’re paying attention. As we all know, there are a lot of pictures of food on Facebook. Saying something as simple as “That was my favorite dish growing up!” will not only show that you’re paying attention, but it will draw people to your Page and like it.

NEVER spam a post with your own information, unless they’ve asked for that in their comments. Would you go to a party and just scream in someone’s face about yourself? If you do, they’ll just think you’re a douchebag. Don’t be a douchebag.

5. Start slow. Spend 10 minutes a day doing this. As you like people, add a few more ten-minute segments so that you’re spending an hour a day.

For your business, that isn’t a lot to ask, is it?

Super secret tip of mine: When you go to another Page, check out THEIR likes. Like as many of those as you can, if they are relevant to your company or what you want to see on the News Feed.

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