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How Social Media is Different from Web and Graphic Design

This article was written and originally published by Amy Donohue:

So, I was talking to a woman about a job in Social Media yesterday. One of the first things she asked me was:

“Do you build websites?”

No. I do not build websites.

“Can you do graphic design with Photoshop?”

No. I send pictures to my friends to play with for me.

I do Social Media.

“The position is 9-5, Monday through Friday. Can you do that?” Of course, I can. Should I? No. I explained it to her like this:

“Social Media is engaging with people on various social networks to help companies with branding.

Your stores don’t close at 5, do they? No. They are open, and get the most business after people get out of work to shop.

It’s the same thing with Social Media.

Let’s say, for example, you owned a restaurant. On a Saturday afternoon, someone posts a question on your Facebook page about your weekend hours because they have family in town.

What if that happened every weekend, but your “Social Media person” clocked out at 5 pm on Friday afternoon for the weekend. Would that be good for your brand”?

I could see a light bulb go off over her head.

Some businesses, of course, can do Social Media during business hours, especially if you find opportunities during the day to engage and build relationships. The poor woman was given a task to fill a position that she knew absolutely nothing about.

I was really patient with her, explaining the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Next was the discussion about graphic design and web development. I told her that those people are often the opposite of social. They are geeks. They love what they do.

My friends who are in these fields aren’t always the most social people you would meet. They sit at their computers, put in their earbuds, and work like that all day, even in an office full of people. It’s just not the same thing.

Web coders have different languages, too. What if they wanted me just for support on their website, but I wasn’t familiar with whichever coding method the designer used?

I don’t know much about it, but I do know there are different ways to do it.

Graphic design? Well, I’m really good at drawing Hangman with my 9-year old niece. I’m not an artist, especially on a computer.

I told her, quite frankly, that she would have to hire at least two different people, but three would be ideal. Was the company prepared to shell out three different salaries? I gave her a range of what each usually pays. She got quiet for a moment.

“What should I do? What would you suggest?”

This woman was really trusting me. I had applied for the position. This was a phone interview for ME to get a job. It may sound like I was shooting myself in the foot, but I had to be honest with her.

She then informed me that they had offered the job to two other people, but they had turned it down because of the wide range of skill sets needed.

This woman thanked me profusely for explaining things to her in normal, laymen’s terms. I told her for all of the things they were looking for, they could get three different contractors and not have to pay three salaries.

They really want someone who is there, because it’s a company that’s been family-owned for over 40 years. They want the people who work there to really grow relationships with everyone else and be more like a family.

I told her that I’d have no problem spending time there on a weekly basis to get to know everyone and get a real feel of the company. I know some people who do that for their clients.

The call ended with me agreeing to send her some blog posts to show the business owners so that she could make a case for getting people from outside to work as consultants.

I even told her I would be more than happy to go in and talk to the owners myself, to explain the differences.

Heck, if they didn’t hire me, at least they would be moving in the right direction. It’s a great company and I am a fan of their brand.

I made sure to mention that, too.

I’m pretty sure things will work out well for me, doing Social Media, as a consultant, for that company.

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