A Guide to Moving to Ottawa as an Immigrant

Moving to Ottawa as an immigrant can sometimes prove hectic, that’s if you don’t know your way around it.

There are many things to look out for prior to your move to Ottawa; This includes things like the standard of life of people living in the city, housing costs, healthcare benefits, neighborhood, education, transportation, and all things that can affect the quality of your living in general.

Just as it is with other Canadian provinces, moving to Ottawa as an immigrant is a quite challenging task, especially when you’re coming from a non-sister county, but fundamentally, the city of Ottawa can provide you with whatever type of living that you want.

What You Need to Know About Moving to Ottawa as an Immigrant

Aside from being Canada’s capital city, Ottawa is popularly known for hosting a good number of international music festivals alongside so many other entertainment programs.

Located in the Eastern part of Southern Ontario, Ottawa is home to an overwhelming ice skating rink, along with some really beautiful natural environments

Living in Ottawa also means you will be living in the second cleanest city in Canada, and the third cleanest in the world. The city is regarded as a “one home away” from home for immigrants.

Ottawa is also the perfect place to start a family, advance a profession, and also one of the sweetest places in the world for retirement.

The city as a government town means that there are jobs available in a wide variety of departments requiring a wide range of diverse skills.

Ottawa is economically stable due to its neutral zone of employment that is not dependent on resources, manufacturing, or services. An average person in Ottawa earns $3,106 monthly after being settled, paying taxes and fees.

But be aware, you will also have to pay the federal and provincial income tax, Canada pension plan, and employment insurance in the country on getting your salary; but still, $3,000+ is a good way to start as someone who is moving to Ottawa as an immigrant.

And generally, if you’re moving to Ottawa from the United States or from anywhere else in the world, you will need to apply for a Canadian travel visa, and the kind of visa you’re applying for depends on whether you are moving to Ottawa for schooling, work, or you are just interested in a Canadian permanent residency status.

Basic Requirements for Moving to Ottawa as an Immigrant

The following documents would be required of you when moving to Ottawa as an immigrant:

  1. Canadian Immigration visa and Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) (if applying to live permanently in Ottawa)
  2. Valid travel documents and passport
  3. Language proficiency test results
  4. Birth certificate, an affidavit and a passport photograph
  5. Marriage certificate, divorce or separation documents, adoption papers if applicable.
  6. Immunization, vaccination, dental and other health records
  7. Trade or professional certificates and licenses.
  8. Reference letter from your former employer, and if available, samples of your professional work
  9. School records of each child traveling with you
  10. Two (2) copies of a detailed list of all personal and household items you are bringing with you
  11. International driver’s license along side car registration documents if importing any of your cars into Ottawa
  12. Two (2) copies of a list of items arriving later and their monetary value
  13. Copies of all post-secondary diploma(s), degree(s) and transcripts of records

Note that, the above requirements will also be needed if you have other related family members traveling with you. Also, ensure to make a clear photocopy of all essential and important documents.

Some documents mentioned above are dependent on your motive for the visit to the city.

Why the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program May Just be the Best Option for You – How it Works

Moving to Ottawa as an immigrant, you will need to know the necessary immigration programs that you qualify for. Ontario’s PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) is a Canadian immigration program that allows you to apply as an employer, business owner, International Student, or under the express entry program on your move to Ottawa as an immigrant.

On applying for this program, you stack up points under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) based on how you meet up the following requirements:

  1. Work experience
  2. Language skills
  3. Education
  4. Age
  5. Admissibility
  6. Responsibility

#1: Work Experience

You must have at least one year, in the last 10 years of work experience in a relevant skilled occupation (three (3) years and above can earn you more chances of being considered).

#2: Language Skills

You must be able to demonstrate any of Canada’s major languages by being able to read, write, listen and speak them proficiently.

#3: Education

You should have at least a diploma from a Canadian high school or from any respective foreign high school that is assessed against Canadian educational standards.

#4: Age

The age range for Ontario’s PNP is from 18~53 years, but you’ll tend to earn more points if you’re under 30 years old.

#5: Admissibility

You must have a clean immigration history from previous immigrations.

This means that if you’ve ever been deported from another country due to a crime committed in the past, you may lose your chances of winning; but you can evict this by completing the number of years administered outside the country of deportation.

#6: Responsibility

You must be able to prove that you are able to fund your stay in Ottawa and any other dependent family member traveling with you. This is accessed by comparing your net worth with the minimum sustainable amount.

What Can I Do on Moving to Ottawa as an Immigrant?

​Once settled in your new home in Ottawa, here are some things you’ll need to do:

  • Apply for an Ontario Health Card
  • Apply for a Social Insurance Number
  • Open a bank account
  • Have fun
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