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3 Ways To Engage on Social Media

This article was written and originally published by Amy Donohue: Gethybridsocial.com

One of the things that’s most frustrating as I engage on Social Media, is that sometimes it feels like I’m the only one paying attention to others.

I have several friends who post updates all day long, mostly from their phones. These are people are who close friends, yet when I mention something I’ve been talking about for MONTHS, they’re surprised that they’re just hearing about it.

Now, I don’t really care about the GenPop of friends/followers on my Social Media accounts. But my friends? I pay attention and expect them to, too.

They are also the people who actually know how many friends/followers they have, and get upset when they lose someone. My guess? They got deleted for not paying attention to those who pay attention to them. It’s a give-give world out there.

I’m not sure if narcissistic is the word I’m looking for. Maybe self-absorbed? No idea.

What I DO know is that those people I’ve always paid so much attention to who don’t do the same, have been removed from my lists/circles on Twitter and Facebook. It may seem petty, but I’d rather pay attention to those who do the same.

So, if you’re doing Me! Me! Me! and losing friends, and followers, it couldn’t hurt if you occasionally actually go to your “home” screen and like/comment on what others are saying.

Also, If you are a business, pay attention to these 4 tips on how to engage with your customers on social media.

How To Engage on Social Media

Engage on social media

1. Share Contents of Other People

It is Ok to share content about yourself and your business. However, doing is all the time is a bad social media practice. Take out time to share other valuable content from other Twitter users or external sources.

It could be an article from a website that will be useful to those in your industry or video content. Just make sure you are not all about promoting yourself all the time.

2. Share Contents That Are Designed To Create Engagement

This strategy works well especially if you are a business. Most times I see businesses on social media always post content that only promotes their business.

Once in a while, you should post content that creates engagement between you and your customers. You can request feedback on existing products and ask what they would love to see on future products.

Contents like this will attract your customers’ attention as they would usually have something to say about your brand. Such posts do not only increase engagement but also help you improve your business offerings as a result of the reviews from existing customers.

3. Respond To Comments

You need to show your customers that you value their opinions. Once they begin to engage with your posts and leaving comments, pay attention to what they say and be sure to respond to their comments.

Some angry followers may abuse your business or even criticize your products or services may be because they aren’t satisfied with your offerings. It is your duty to respond to their complaints in a nice tone and show that you care about their concerns.

Responding to social media comments could be a difficult task especially if you have a huge social media following, but it is worth doing. You can hire a social media manager to get this done while you focus on other areas of your business.

4. Create Visual Contents

Gone are the days when content creation was usually in text formats. These days, visual contents tend to perform better.

Start posting more images and videos, social media users love them!

Visual contents tend to reach a wider audience and get more engagement compared to non-visual content.

You can hire good photographers and videographers or better still, take advantage of the many apps that make the work easy. Some of these apps can be used on your smartphones. Canva is an example of such an app that allows you to edit images quickly.

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