How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

It’s important to learn how to see who saved your Instagram post because this is essential to know exactly how your followers relate to your content.

Virtually every day, millions of posts are being updated on Instagram, and everyone actually follows their favorite pages. Maybe when they see a good photo or even video, they want to save it to see them later or send it to someone, or even use those pictures as their wallpaper.  Thus, those who posted those beautiful pictures and videos would want to know who saved their Instagram post.

That being said, if you are quite eager to know how to see who saved your Instagram post, then you’ll love this guide.

Forget About Likes, Saves Are What Will Grow Your Instagram Account

Yes, you may want to know how to see who save your Instagram post, but why is that really important?

Instagram Saves are the latest engagement metric for how the Instagram algorithm works, and with the mystery that comes with questions like “Even with my many thousands of followers, why is my Instagram engagement still down?”, “Why do I still get fewer likes on the network?”, “Has my account been shadowbanned?”… Well, the truth’s that your account may not necessarily be shadowbanned, even Instagram admits that they’ve not done a really good job in explaining their algorithm.

But lately, things have changed, the social media platform recently became more transparent as to how the Instagram algorithm really works via blog posts and their @creators account:

Now, the more saves you get on your content on Instagram, the more people it will be shown to your followers and other related audience by the algorithm. What does this mean?

Well, whenever someone saves your content on Instagram, it quickly sends a signal to the algorithm that people are actually finding that your content is worth revisiting, time after time again. This to Instagram’s algorithm means that your content is definitely worth showing to other related users on the network – this is the reason why most random users tend to appear in the Explore Page on Instagram nowadays.

Thus, knowing how to see who save your Instagram post will help you know how to streamline your content to drive more saves on the network.

How to See Who Save Your Instagram Post

Just so you would know, there is no button or tab to click on to know who saved your Instagram posts. Nevertheless, Instagram insights let you see the number count of people holding your posts.

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Your posts can be saved easily by others whether you’re on a private account or not.

You will not have any idea about the activity or the person who did save your posts, but there is a more credible option to know how to see who save your Instagram post as well as the number count of people who saved the post.

This option is accessible via your Instagram account’s insight features, but to have access to the Instagram Insight feature, you will have to switch your account to a business or creator account. Steps include:

  • Go to Setting on your Instagram and click on the Account option.
  • You can now choose whether you want to change your account to a business or creator one.

Now you have switched your account to a business account, the next question is, how to see who saved your Instagram post? You can do this using the following steps below:

  1. How to see your post total save count
  2. How to see who saved your Instagram post

#1: How to See Your Post Total Save Count?

  • Click on the Instagram post you wish to know its save counts
  • Next, click on “View Insights” under the post
  • It will open up your Instagram post stats where you can see how many people have saved your post.

Apart from seeing the number of times a post has been saved, you can also know how to see who save saved your Instagram post. Additionally, you’ll be able to check how many people shared your post.

#2: How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

This can be done by simply asking your followers to know exactly who saved your Instagram post(s). This step is one of the easy ways to know how to see who saved your Instagram post.

Instagram stories are a perfectly distinctive way to engage with your audience and make them feel connected to the brand. Your Instagram story increases your account overall growth and lets you get in mind the type of content your audience likes.

So, you employ this method to see who saved your Instagram post(s).

Here is how you would do this:

  1. You open the post you want to get information about.
  2. Take the screenshot of that post.
  3. Click on the “Stories icon” (camera icon) in the top left corner.
  4. Add the screenshot (that you took in Step 2) to the story.
  5. You can then click on the Text Icon or use a poll option to add a question for your followers like ‘Who saved this post?’
  6. Tap on done and publish your story.

After publishing, be sure that you get answers in reply to the Story.

If you are frustrated or disappointed with this method, I’ll have to notify you that this direct approach is the only way when trying to know how to see who saved your Instagram post.

We also know that not everyone who saved your post would tell the truth, but most of them will and that way, you can get more than half of the answer you require. This step is the only way to put that curiosity out.

Does Instagram Notify You When Someone Saves Your Post?

When someone saves your content (image, video, or story), Instagram does not send any notification to you.

Hence, a person can save as much content as possible and fill up their collection. The platform does not disclose the identity and username of anybody who keeps your photos or videos, meaning that there is no possible way to know exactly the identity of the person who has saved your posts.

As discussed earlier, it’s impossible to know who saved your post because of Instagram policies. If you are probably thinking of installing a third-party application to solve this problem, know that you are wrong. You won’t know who saved your Instagram post because presently, no such application is available anywhere, and even though you find any, using a third-party application that hasn’t been approved by Instagram could get your account shadowbanned, and you definitely don’t want that!

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