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How To Participate in a Twitter Chat in 4 Steps

This article was written and originally published by Amy Donohue:

There are lots of benefits that come with using social media. If you aren’t using social media for your business, you should consider doing so.

Twitter is one social media platform that you should join if you plan on reaching a wider audience. There is a lot to Twitter than just tweeting to your followers. You should consider Twitter as a place where you can have a sort of online meeting with people of common interest.

Speaking of online meetings; participating in a Twitter chat is the perfect place to start.

Joining Twitter chats is a good step to take if you are seeking to connect with more people within your industry on social media.

There are many Twitter chats you can participate in. These chats are good for getting new insights about business, learning more from the top names in your industry, networking, getting to know about new opportunities and trends, and a lot more.

There are many, many chats on Twitter for people to participate in. They are found by knowing what the hashtag for the chat is. For example, I know on Tuesday evenings, there is an #smmanners chat. It’s a discussion of Social Media manners. Chats are awesome because you can learn a lot from people you may not interact with.

So, once you know what the hashtag is, you can search the hashtag and jump in.

Below is a detailed guide on how to participate in a chat on Twitter.

How To Participate in a Twitter Chat in 4 Steps.

Twitter Chat

1. Select a Chat To Attend

To know the perfect chat to join, you will have to do a bit of research. Some chats have a page where they post information on future chats and other updates. Find out the chat hashtags that other Twitter users within your industry usually attend.

2. Set a Reminder

To ensure you don’t miss out, it’s recommended you set a reminder if you are the busy type. That way you will be reminded when the chat begins. You can set a reminder to notify you about the chat a few hours to the chat time so you can prepare for that chat.

3. Go Online and Locate The Chat

When you are ready to join the chat, simply log on to Twitter and search for the chat using the hashtag. Go to the “Latest” tab to ensure you are engaging with the current chat and not an old conversation.

Also, do well to notify your followers if you will be tweeting a lot during the course of the conversion. Simply send out a tweet to your followers informing them you will be participating in a Twitter chat. Some might even join that chat too if it interests them.

4. Follow and Use the Hashtag

Now follow the hashtag and start reading the conversations of other participants. Simply join the conversation whenever you feel like doing so. Ensure you add the hashtag to all your messages otherwise, it won’t be seen by anyone.

Feel free to ask questions and also provide answers to questions from the host and other participants.

Just enjoy the whole activity, use the exercise as an opportunity to make new friends, connect with like-minds and increase your followers.

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