How to Add Highlights on Instagram without Posting

This guide breaks down exactly how to add highlights on Instagram without posting.

The whole fundamental nature of Stories on Instagram is short-lived and can only be seen by followers within a period of 24 hours. But the Story highlight feature has made it possible for your Stories to last forever.

Still, sometimes you may want to add Highlights on your feed without having to put it up on your Story, or without having anyone see it, and today, you’re going to see a quick and easy way on how to add highlights on Instagram without posting.

Let’s dive right in!

Instagram Highlights Quick Breakdown

Story Highlights on Instagram looks something like this:


It’s actually a good and effective way of communicating to your followers and hinting them on what they should expect to see consecutively on your feed, both as a brand or as a person.

A Story Highlight is basically a Story that remains on your profile on Instagram indefinitely, while a mere Story stays up for only 24-hours.

Learning how to add highlights on Instagram without posting can serve as a really good way to optimize your account for user experience. How?

Ok, let’s say that you are a freelancer looking to capitalize on Instagram to get more clients for yourself, starting off new on the platform, it’s not all kinds of content that should be seen on your Story. Some, like the “Who are You?”, “What Does Your Skillset Entail?” and all that are what that should be seen on your highlights, rather than your Stories.

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But is there really a way of uploading all this content on my Story Highlight without having my followers know that I uploaded them on my Story?

How to Add Highlights on Instagram without Posting

The following listed steps are how to add highlights on Instagram without posting:

  1. Go private
  2. Change your Instagram Story settings
  3. Upload your Story(ies)
  4. Add Story to Highlights
  5. Revert back

The above steps can be broken down thus:

Step #1: Go Private

It’s always best to make your profile private when learning how to add highlights on Instagram without posting, but if your profile is on private already, then just skip this step to the next (step #2).

To go private on Instagram, while on your profile page, select the 3-bar menu at the top right of your dashboard.


Tap on Settings and tap on the toggle icon at the right side of the “Private account” option to enable the Private account option. Now, this step works both on Android and iOS devices.


Step #2: Change your Instagram Story Settings

Once private, the next step is to actually change your Instagram Story settings. This will help you hide your Stories being posted from all your followers manually.

While still logged on to your account, go back to the Settings page and tap on Story controls


Tap on the option just below the “Hide story from” option. Now, you’ll need to select as many followers that you don’t want to see the story when posted -yes, it may be a really tedious process is a bit tedious.


Once selected, click on the Check icon at the top-right corner of the page.

Step #3: Upload Your Stories

Now, whatever Stories that you upload will not be seen by the selected followers in (step #2).

Step #4: Add Story to Highlights

Once you are done posting the Stories, it’s time to add them to your Story Highlights. To do this, tap on the Story to view it, then tap on the circled heart icon at the bottom-right corner of the page.


You can decide to create a new Highlight category or add the Story to one of your already created Highlights.


Once this is done, you will not view the Story in your selected or newly created Highlight. But do not delete the Story just yet… It’s a must that Stories stay live for the assigned 24-hours to appear in Highlights. Deleting the Story now will also delete it from your Story Highlights.

Step #5: Revert Back

This involves simply unhiding everyone that was recently hidden from viewing your Stories. But this should be done once the 24-hours period has elapsed.

Go back to your Settings page while still logged in on your profile >> tap on Story Controls >> Tap on “Hide Story from” >> Deselect everyone…

Now, you can also choose to add a cover to one of your Highlights without having to post in your Story first.

How to Add Story Highlights Cover on Instagram without Uploading it on Story?

Yea, learning how to add highlights on Instagram without posting may seem pretty interesting, but believe me, learning how to add an Instagram Highlight cover without having to post on Story is even more interesting… And it’s really not that technical too!

Step #1: While still logged into your account, navigate to your profile page, tap and hold the Story Highlight whose cover that you want to change, then from the pop-up menu that comes up, tap on “Edit Highlight”


Step #2: Now, tap on “Edit cover”


Step 3: You can choose to either make use an existing Story Highlight as the cover photo or simply upload from a new one from your device’s media gallery. To do this, tap on the small Media Gallery icon to the left corner of the image thumbnails.


Step 4: Select an image of your choice and then tap Next. Adjust the image position to fit right inside the circle. Then select Done.



As discussed earlier, Story Highlights on Instagram are a really good and effective way of communicating the idea of your content to your followers, hinting them on what to expect to see consecutively on your feed, both as a brand or as a person. Thus, your Instagram Story Highlights must look really enticing to visitors.

You can create pretty good Instagram Story Highlights by leveraging the Canva mobile app.

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