Reasons Why Your Friends Never Like Your Posts on Social Media

In today’s guide, you’re going to learn more about friends who never like your posts on social media and why?

The guide also details reasons why your friends never like your posts on social media; describing why, even with the most quality content, it’s still very difficult to get some of your friends to like your posts on social media.

So if you’re a social media inquisitive looking to learn more about user behavior and get more insights about friends who never like your posts on social media, then you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started!

Social Media Has Changed!

Yea! This is true in so many ways…

We as humans have become so self-reliant on social media platforms for our daily living – from deciding on what to wear, what we eat, which gadgets to buy, and lots more, social media has become a major influence on the way we live our lives daily.


And it goes way more than influencing our daily way of living…

Today, almost everyone is selling something online, so, the central idea of social media being a platform to make new friends and connect with new people is steadily on a decrease.

Friends Who Never Like Your Posts on Social Media

Why will you friend someone on social media and never like their stuff?

Thinking about it… This is something that we are all guilty of! Insights show that friends who never like your posts on social media are way more than those that actually do, but why? And is jealousy the case?

Well, below are reasons for friends who never like your posts on social media:

  1. Competition
  2. Passive lurkers
  3. No mutual benefit
  4. Follow to unfollow
  5. No internet
  6. Ghost-followers

#1: Competition

As discussed earlier, social media platforms have evolved from just being a medium to make new friends and build a community, to a very profitable channel for marketers to promote their businesses. This has brought up the issue of competition amongst friends and connections online.

Basically, almost everybody online is selling something!

And for the most common niche online – fashion and beauty, the competition gets even more intensive.

According to BusinessWire, the fashion and beauty industry is currently worth about $30.58 billion, and many more people are jumping on it on a daily basis. So, it’s most likely that competition may arise among two friends that are operating in the same industry (e.g: fashion & beauty) on social media.

This could lead to one of the friends never wanting to like and engage with the other’s content, feeling that, you are going to get more customers than her if she continues to like and engage in your content.

#2: Passive Lurkers

Now, this is something that I am even very guilty of!

Seeing that there are so many social media platforms, it’s really not that easy following up all platforms with the same energy. Some social media platforms, you find more fascinating than others and the others… Well, you just visit it from time to time to see what’s really happening there.

Me for example, although a digital strategist, Facebook, and Twitter don’t just excite me as much as LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Clubhouse do (on a personal level).

This has turned me into a passive lurker on Facebook!

I basically just log in like once every week or two weeks to just see what’s really going on there. Maybe like one or two posts, drop one or two posts of my own, and just basically engage in content that entertains me; and this doesn’t apply to me alone… This’s the reason why any business online should hire a social media manager to keep up with all their activities across various social media platforms.

This and more could make your friends so lazy to like and engage with your content on social media.

#3: No Mutual Benefit

Believe it or not, but not so many people are really interested in making friends online today, everybody’s looking for how to make good money for themselves online. So, if you’re not sharing something that doesn’t resonate with what their business needs, they may never engage in your content.

Friends who never like your posts on social media are usually as a result of this reason…

For instance, let’s say that you have a baking business and decide to open an account for your business on Instagram, the very first set of people that you’ll want to connect with are people that relate to your industry (most likely people in the food and nutrition space).

But the worst part of social networking for mutual benefit’s that social media platforms like Instagram will always suggest people you know, to connect with, and most times, you do… Now, not everyone you know is into food and nutrition, and will always want to engage in the picture and videos of your cake-related business on your feed, this will definitely lead to having friends who never like your posts on social media.

And you, in turn, won’t always be excited with what people you know post daily online, and the circle of “no engagement” continues.

#4: Follow to Unfollow

The follow to unfollow train is one of the major contributing factors as to why you have friends who never like your posts on social media.

Some people are just more interested in numbers than warmers, and this is most common on Instagram.

Once they see that you’ve followed them, they quickly go and unfollow you, thinking that that’s a good and effective way of growing their account. And if someone is not following you online, there’s no how that they can see any of your content whenever you make a post, thus leading you to have friends who never like your posts on social media.

#5: No Internet

Yea, you read it right!

No matter how someone badly wants to like and engage in your content on social media, if they don’t have access to the internet, they just can’t.

An average person spends close to $120 on internet bills monthly, and in some parts of the world, these numbers are doubling annually. So, don’t go smack that friend of yours in the butt for failing to engage in your content, if you could assist in paying their phone bills, that’d definitely help.

#6: Ghost-followers

What if the friends who never like your posts on social media are not real? What if there’s really no one there to do the likes and engaging?

Many people today have killed their social media feed by going to buy likes, followers, and engagement on their content; and most times, those paid-for likes and followers are basically online bots that were programmed to do things like that, and once they carry out that specific activity they were programmed to do, they are just left there on your list of followers, just dormant (not-real).

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