10 Strategies for Dealing with Entrepreneurial Stress in 2020

In the business world, nothing can be too certain. Starting your own business simply implies that you’ll be dealing with lots of uncertainties, and for young business owners; this could lead to entrepreneurial stress.

As an entrepreneur, you are responsible for the improvement and success of your business; so you work long hours, you are always traveling, you are always busy with meetings and phone calls even when you are not working.

These are some other factors that are usually responsible for the entrepreneurial stress you get to face every day. They can be so devitalizing and overwhelming, making you subject to one emotional discomfort or the other. Sometimes, stresses like that can put your health at risk.

My goal in this post is to help you deal with and manage entrepreneurial stress before it starts affecting your well-being and business.

To achieve this, I made a research on those who have been victims of entrepreneurial stress, and I learned how they are dealing with it. These successful entrepreneurs highlighted some important strategies you can possibly employ when things get tough.

When implemented, these strategies will help you stand your ground in the face of entrepreneurial stress; so it doesn’t stand as a risk to your business.

How to Deal with Entrepreneurial Stress

entrepreneurial stress

1. Become Aware of Your Entrepreneurial Stress and Accept It

If you cannot become aware of the necessary stress you are dealing with, you cannot accept it as part of the journey.

Stress is always part of the entrepreneurial journey and you have to start coming to the acceptance of this reality and learn to manage it instead.

See the stress you are facing as a task to attend to. However, those tasks have to be fit, in relation to your needs, no matter how simple or complex it might seem.

2. Apply The Networking Strategy

The networking strategy is one that has been proven efficient for as long as I could possibly recall. I’d advise you to adopt that strategy. Build networks of people and other helping factors as much as you can; there is a need for a strong support system.

Without networks, the stress you face might be too unbearable. Work on building networks and try to maintain the little you already have. Networks are what will give you a helping hand when things get beyond you and they will also aid in your growth.

3. Apply The Step By Step Process

There is no need to rush, always try to take one step at a time. Stress oftentimes tends to make us lose a sense of direction and reality; we focus only on the big picture, creating for ourselves a flow of anxiety.

Rather, you need to focus more on the simple goals that are present within you. If you continue to take the situation step by step, you’ll one day turn back to realize you’ve achieved so much and this can also act as a stress reliever.

4. Build And Maintain High Self-Trust

If you must overcome stress in your entrepreneurial journey and become successful, you must put much trust in yourself. It is mostly the fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, that brings about anxiety.

Learn to trust your own gut, ability, and value and you’ll definitely achieve positive results.

The development of self-trust is an inside-out job. So it’s more like building a habit; which of course you already know, calls for consistency in daily rituals as with regards to the self-trust development.

5. Break Down Your Ideas Into Smaller Portions

Most entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed, confessed sincerely how they are usually caught up in the fantasy of their end-goal; how their business will be at the end.

The adverse effect of such a dream is that it doesn’t yield results of any sort.

I’d advise you rather take the opposite direction of this very tendency and break that dream of yours into smaller steps.

With this approach, you can easily accomplish the goals and celebrate your progress, at the same time, still keeping an eye on the end goal so you don’t derail from the journey.

Each celebration signifies a step closer to the overall victory you are dreaming of and this will keep you faraway from anxiety, giving you at the same time, the pleasures and satisfaction that comes with accomplishments.

But watch that you don’t focus too much on the smaller details, making you lose a sense of the bigger picture; the results will be nothing but the flip side of the same disease.

6. Face Your Fears

If we experience anxiety mostly because of the fear of the unknown or what has never happened, then it’s best we face it because that is the only way to get past such anxiety.

Avoidance of it will only worsen the situation; it more like delaying the inevitable; it will surely dawn on you.

Trust me, the day you push yourself beyond your limit and face your fear, you’ll experience unconventional freedom; like nothing you’ve ever felt. And on the long run, you’ll come to see that, what you once feared, was not as difficult as you’ve thought initially.

7. Control Your Mindset

Your business will one day skyrocket to a whole new level; you’ll be making more money than usual, your success level will improve as well. It is at this point of success that your mind becomes an essential factor to be considered; to be managed properly.

Nine times out of ten, too many people tend to ignore the emotional aspect of business management but what they don’t know is, it serves as one of the key factors to their businesses and their well-being.

If there is a piece of advice I can give you today, it’s to invest in factors that can aid you with your mindset. These factors could be books, people, to name but a few. You can also perform daily rituals that can also help you with that.

8. Engage In Self-Care Practices Consistently

You can never know the true height of damage, stress is capable of causing you until you’ve experienced one, trust me.

Stress if not properly dealt with, will slowly and completely unleash hell on its victim’s body, spirit, and mind.

In most cases, the victim tends to lose a sense of self and direction; leaving the mind devoid of ideas and vision, the spirit devoid of inner direction/motivation and the body devoid of strength.

Worst case scenario, leaving the victim with little or nothing productive to achieve anymore.

As you can see, such a situation for anyone simply entails the end of the victim’s entrepreneurial journey; a dead-end for the victim’s career. And I’m pretty sure, no one will consciously take that direction which is exactly why self-care is important.

Self-care is not really a big deal. It is more like doing things that do not really relate to your entrepreneurial-lifestyle. Stuff like: exercising, taking long walks, going to the park to catch some fun, vacation, listening to music and other whatnot.

Your body must become a priority if you must achieve success both financially and health-wise. That is true success. You might not understand this but the truth is, without proper self-care, there will be no business for anyone to manage.

That is to say, the progress and success of every business are highly dependent on the factor of self-care. Take good care of yourself to reduce entrepreneurial stress.

9. Niksen Strategy

Niksen is a concept of literally being busy doing nothing, a Dutch concept though. As awkward as it might seem to you, it is highly effective in terms of creativity and stress-relieving process.

It is an act of allowing for serendipity; more like allowing to mind to wander freely and randomly instead of focusing on specific details.

You can perform such a strategy either by just looking out of your window or taking a walk. It could be anything as long as you are not getting stressed out.

This strategy is really helpful because, in the course of this very action, external stimuli lead us to associations we cannot encounter consciously on our own thereby, putting something unexpected and valuable in our mental sphere which triggers a new connection, leading to what is known as creativity.

This is not just about the creativity it brings. It also offers endless forms of happiness, improves physical and emotional health and lastly promotes creativity.

10. Belong to an Entrepreneurial Community

Most times, entrepreneurs always have this feeling that the world rests on their shoulders, such feeling at times serves as a driving force for them but other times, makes them overwhelmed and lonely.

You can get past such an issue by belonging to a wide association of entrepreneurs so you don’t just always feel alone.

What these associations will help you do is provide you with the support you can always learn from, lean on, collaborate with and communicate to.

With such provisions, life as an entrepreneur will be less stressful and more fun.

These are the 10 most effective strategies you can employ on your entrepreneurial journey that will save you from the adverse effects of entrepreneurial stress. Adopt these strategies to your business and daily life and you’ll live to enjoy the satisfaction that comes with it.

Do have a productive stress-free entrepreneurial journey.

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