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What is ChatterPal All About?

ChatterPal is a revolutionary new technology that merges cutting edge interactive 3D avatar technology with smart chat automation, designed to help boost sales, leads and deliver results like no other chat app in the market.

Unlike other chatbot apps, you’ll be able to create UNLIMITED ChatterPals for a low ONE-TIME cost for both yourself and clients with the commercial license being included.

About The Creator – Who is Paul Ponna?

Paul Ponna is an award-winning tech entrepreneur, successful online marketing consultant and currently the CEO of 4 amazing tech startups.

At the age of 16, with just a website and $20 of funds, he became one of JvZoo’s premium users and now has a proven track record of delivering million dollar launches.

Paul is well known for his cloud-based video editing platform, “Video Builder”.

With Video Builder, users can import videos into timelines and apply eye-catching visual effects, intros, outros, and lower third animations, resulting in professional videos to suit any kind of marketing need.

It doesn’t stop there!

Paul Ponna also gained success in his second launch, “VideoPal”, which is the world’s first and most powerful 3D animation tool for converting website prospects into customers.

…and now, for the past couple of years, Paul and the rest of his team went on a mission to… revolutionize the way we see smart chat automation.

ChatterPal Breakdown

ChatterPal is really easy to set up… and it can be used on any type of website, blog, and even landing page.

Here are some of its amazing features:

1. Next Generation 3D Avatars: Paul Ponna and his team integrated some amazing life-like 3D avatars, all created from scratch by professional animators.

You even get to choose from different types of animal avatars.
These avatars come in different age groups, ethnicity and background to capture a wide range of audience!

2. Built-In Green-Screen Removal Technology: This is another amazing feature integrated into ChatterPal that lets you upload your own video or spokesperson as an avatar on the platform.

Once you upload your green-screen video, ChatterPal automatically removes the green-screen and makes it a transparent video… making it look professional, which in turn helps you to build your brand and drive more sales.

3. Click Logo Mapping: This is a feature by ChatterPal that makes it possible for its audience to brand the 3D avatars with their own logos and images.

The logo which fits in automatically and adapts to the movement of the avatar(s), making it look real, and bringing your website to life.

4. SMART AI Chat Automation: This exclusive feature helps you take your website visitors on a journey based on their responses. This smart AI chat engine automatically interacts with your customers and site visitors without the need for support agents or any human involvement.

5. Built-In Language Translation: Yes! ChatterPal also comes with built-in language translation. This gives you the ability to convert chats to any language of your target audience.. all with the click of a button.

6. Next Generation Text-To-Speech: ChatterPal also has the world’s best text-to-speech integrated to it.

This feature lets you choose from about 50 voices, male and female, in multiple languages, which lets you target a verse number of people around the world.

You also have the option of uploading your personal audios or voiceovers within the app, and all these will be lip-synced perfectly with all the available avatars in the platform.

7. Smart Analytics: This feature lets you track all your chat conversions from one easy to use dashboard.

You will be able to get in-depth analytics, real-time feedback on chat conversations, engagements, and even geo-location which helps you find winning campaigns for your business in minutes.

8. Powerful Chat Flow Maker: With this feature, you have the ability to create any type of chat flow that you want.

Although the platform has been pre-integrated with existing chat flow templates, you also have the option to create any chat flow of your choice.

9. Automated Email/Data Capture Technology: This lets you automatically collect emails, names and other forms of information inputted by your visitors in chats, and stores it neatly in a CSV format.

You can then download this data and add it to your favorite autoresponder or CRM platform for further marketing and email promotions.

My ChatterPal Review

ChatterPal is basically a web app that helps you increase revenue, boost sales and conversions by keeping people more on your website.

The platform has been in development for over three (3) years, and it has amazing features that no other chat automation app out there has for any price.

ChatterPal is very unique, flexible, made easy to use for any kind of brand, business or marketing purpose.

It even lets you create UNLIMITED avatars for just a one-time payment. This payment also comes with a commercial license that lets you use the app for both you and your customers or clients.


This is really exciting!

You too can be one of many people to get a FREE copy of the ChatterPal app, win $100 in cash prizes and also get access to bonuses worth thousands of dollars without having to purchase anything.


All you have to do to qualify is: enter your name and email on this page to win, now then you can be one of six lucky people to win $100 in cash prizes, or one of 20 lucky people to win an exclusive copy of the ChatterPal app.

ChatterPal is not just your average chat support staff, it’s indeed a game changer… Here are some other exciting bonuses you get for signing up for free for this app.

1) ChatterPal Agency Website ($297 Value)

Want to sell your chat agents services created with ChatterPal for top dollar online?

Use our professionally designed “done-for-you” agency WordPress website to look like an authority to charge MORE for your services!

The site ready with professional copywriting geared to convert your prospects into SALES!

2) Campaign Cloner Software – Commercial License ($497 Value)

Instantly find all the most profitable FB ads and video campaigns in seconds from your newsfeed. Clone them for ultimate results without spending hours on research or copywriting.

This app instantly puts you on the fast track to success. This is a massive time saver when it comes to finding and creating your own high converting FB ads and video ads!

3) 20 Call-To-Action Professional Voiceovers ($197 Value)

Stop paying hundreds of dollars to get professional voice overs recorded.

Sync these 20 professional call-to-action voices with the 3D avatars built into ChatterPal to make them more life-like than ever. Crush your competition and close more sales!

4)  Done-For-You Call To Action Sales Scripts ($197 Value)

These call-to-action sales scripts are designed to turn regular website visitors into SALES!

Simply convert these sales scripts into life-like voice using the text-to-speech engine and sync them with your 3D avatars to skyrocket your conversions and sales!

5) 80,000 Content Engine Library ($97 Value)

Find content from the HOTTEST niches without writing a single word!

Content engine comes with a library 80,000 content pieces from all the HOT niches. You can turn the content into life-like voiceovers using the text-to-speech built into ChatterPal!

You can also use the content for your blog posts, videos, and emails to get traffic, leads, and sales!

6) Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator ($67 Value)

Create professional eye-catching logos and sell them to a local business for $300 to $500 or integrate them with your ChatterPal avatars in seconds!

The unique built-in “artificial intelligence” engine that automatically finds the relevant icons, images & fonts and then generates dozens of variations of your logos in minutes. Select the one you like and download!

Take advantage of ChatterPal’s revolutionary Logo Mapping technology. Just import the logos created by the AI Logo Creator into the ChatterPal app and you are set!

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