How To Secure Cheap Accommodation in the UK as an Immigrant Before Relocating – Make a Reservation.

Moving to a new country brings excitement and opportunities, but finding a house is not an easy task, especially for immigrants looking for affordability and stability in the UK.
Securing accommodation before relocating will make your settling down in the UK much easier, this requires planning, research, and understanding of the local housing landscape.
In this article, you will see how to secure affordable accommodation in the United Kingdom. You will be equipped you with the knowledge required to make the right decisions about your accommodation in the UK.
There’s a range of affordable accommodations available to meet your housing needs. Below are the housing options catering to various preferences and budgets available to you as an Immigrant in the UK.

Types Of Affordable Houses Available For Immigrants In UK To Rent

Below are the different kinds of accommodations available for Immigrants in the UK

Rental Apartments and Condos

This is one of the most popular options for newcomers. Apartments and condos are available in various sizes and locations, making it suitable for individuals, couples, and families. Renting provides flexibility and eliminates the responsibility of property maintenance.

Shared Accommodations

Sharing a living space with roommates or other individuals can significantly reduce housing costs. This option is popular among students and young professionals.

Basement Suites

Many homeowners in UK have converted their basements into self-contained living spaces. These suites usually include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

UK Houses for Rent

Renting a house is an option for those who prefer more space and privacy. Houses are available in various sizes and styles, and some may come with a yard.

Cooperative Housing

In a cooperative housing arrangement, residents collectively own and manage the property. This can be a more affordable option, but it may require a higher level of involvement in the community.

Social Housing

Social housing is subsidized housing provided by government agencies or non-profit organizations. Eligibility criteria and waiting lists may apply.

UK Temporary Accommodations

For those who have just arrived and need short-term housing, there are options like hostels, extended-stay hotels, and temporary furnished rentals.

Home ownership

 Owning a home is a long-term goal for many immigrants. There are various programs and incentives available to help newcomers become homeowners.

Rural and Northern Housing Programs

These programs are designed to encourage immigration to less populated areas of UK. They may offer incentives like lower housing costs and additional support services.

Where to Get Affordable Temporal Housing in the UK as an Immigrant

Below you will find all the top places you can secure affordable accommodation before relocating to the UK, you can housing in any of this places we are going to be revealing below.

1. stands as a leading online platform when it comes to securing affordable accommodation in the UK for Immigrants. Openrent is known for its many property listing across the United Kingdom, intuitive interface and transparent rental processes.

It has garnered widespread popularity, setting a new standard in the UK’s rental market. This platform offers a range of benefits, from cost-effective solutions to streamlined property management, making it a top choice among renters and landlords alike.’s dedication to transparency and efficiency is shown in every aspect of its operation. Notably, it simplifies decision-making for both landlords and tenants by enabling essential checks, including credit and reference verification’s, directly within the platform. Furthermore, the platform facilitates the creation and management of tenancy agreements, significantly reducing administrative burdens.
As a result, serves as a transparent and accessible hub for Immigrants like you seeking for affordable rental accommodations in the UK. Once you meet the specified requirements and harnessing the platform’s functionalities effectively, you can navigate property rentals successfully, enjoying a stress-free experience facilitated by OpenRent’s user-centric approach.

Advantages of Using of OpenRent

The benefits of are clear: affordability, transparency, accessibility, and efficient property management.

  • Cost-Effective, it has many affordable listings
  • Transparency and Accessibility of landlords
  • Efficient Property Management

What You Need To Rent a House on Open Rent

To secure an apartment on as a tenant, you will need to meet certain criteria:

  • Age and identification, like driver’s license
  • Income and Affordability
  • References
  • Deposit
  • Credit Check

Landlord Requirements

If you are a landlord looking to list your property on and find reliable tenants, here are the key requirements:

  • Property Ownership
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Pricing and Terms
  • Property Listing
  • Tenancy Agreement

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on OpenRent

To get the most accurate estimate of rental prices on OpenRent, I recommend using the platform’s search filters. You can input your specific criteria, including location, property type, and budget, to view properties that match your preferences. This way, you can find apartments that are within your desired price range.

 2. Gumtree

If you are looking for affordable housing as an Immigrant in the Uk, is a prominent online classifieds and community website that has gained popularity in the United Kingdom and beyond. This is one of the best platforms to secure affordable housing in the UK

Advantages of Using of Gumtree
  • Extensive User Base and Reach
  • Free to Use
  • Diverse Categories and Listings
  • Localised Search and Convenience
  • User-Friendly Interface and Mobile App
  • Opportunities for Bargains
  • Promoting Sustainability
  • Job Opportunities and Freelancing
  • Supportive Community and Safety Measures
  • Opportunities for Small Businesses
What You Need To Rent A House on Gumtree
  • User Account and Profile
  • Budget and Preferences
  • Search Filters and Keywords
  • Contact Information
  • Verification and Trust
  • Viewing Appointments
  • Required Documents like proof of income (e.g., pay stubs or bank statements), references from previous landlords, and identification (e.g., passport or driver’s license).
  • Application Process
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

Estimated Price of a Temporal Housing on Gumtree

The average estimation of rent on can vary significantly depending on several factors, including location, property type, and the number of bedrooms. is a prominent online classifieds and community website that has gained popularity in the United Kingdom and beyond.


Whether you are thinking about buying or renting, Rightmove has your back. One of The UK’s largest property portal will let you surf across thousands of rooms and houses until you find an affordable house you like.

You can browse properties by map, looking at tube or rail stations and also drawing your area of interest directly on the screen. Plus, the team can help users sorting out their finances by providing them with advice and guidance about the appalling world of mortgages.
This platform has a unique user interface and lets users surf easily, you will see a lot of listing across the Uk, all you need to do is to search the area you want to live in, you can use the filter to make searching the platform easy for you.

Advantages of Using of RightMove

  • Wide Selection of Properties
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Detailed Property Listings
  • Property Alerts
  • Maximum Exposure
  • Professional Marketing Tools
  • Expert Advice:
  • Cost-Effective Advertising

What You Needed To Rent a House on Rightmove

  • Financial Eligibility
  • Rental References and History
  • Security Deposit and Fees
  • Lease Terms and Conditions
  • Insurance

Estimated Price For Renting a House on Rightmove

The latest data reveals a striking surge in average asking rents for new tenants outside of London, hitting a fresh pinnacle this quarter at £1,231 per calendar month (PCM). This figure marks a substantial increase, standing at a third (33%) higher compared to the pre-pandemic period of 2019, soaring by over £300 from the previous average of £923 PCM.

Contrasting this growth, the average asking rents for new tenants outside of London experienced a much more moderate increase of £71 (8%) from 2018 to 2022. This stark comparison underscores the rapid escalation in new asking rents, primarily driven by heightened tenant demand and a gradual reduction in available rental properties since the onset of the pandemic.

 4. Zoopla

Another place you can find affordable house to rent in the Uk is Zoopla, It is one of UK’s  comprehensive property website, focused on empowering users with the resources they need to make better-informed property decisions. Zoopla help’s consumers both find their next home and research the market by combining hundreds of thousands of property listings with market data, local information and community tools.

So if you are looking to secure an affordable accommodation in the Uk, this is a website to visit and go through the thousands of listings available on the platform, you will definitely find the property that suit your budget.

Advantages of Using Zoopla

  • Extensive Property Listings
  • Detailed Property Information
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Up-to-Date Listings
  • Informative Resources

What You Need To Rent a House on Zoopla

1. Proof of Identity

2. Financial Stability

3. Security Deposit

4. Rental Agreement

5. Tenant Insurance

6. Background Check

7. Rental History

8. Temporary Nature of Stay

Estimated Price of Buying a House on Zoopla

  • London: Apartments range from £300,000 to several million pounds. Prime luxury areas can go over £5 million.
  • Other Cities (like Manchester, Birmingham): Prices vary from £150,000 to £500,000 depending on the neighborhood.
  • Rural Areas/Small Towns: Apartments start at around £100,000 or less.

5. Find a Hood

Find a Hood is the one of the best place to find affordable accommodation in Uk if you know exactly what you want (and what you don’t). To get started users are asked to rate on a scale from 1 to 10 the importance of twelve key factors about rental properties spacing from occupation to crime rate and religion and to complete a quick questionnaire.

The platform will automatically match their needs with the thousands of related listings  on the platform, presenting you with the best customised options, you do not need to go through a lot to see what you want, the platform handles all the searching for you.

The benefits of Find a Hood are clear: affordability, transparency, accessibility, and efficient property management.

To get the most accurate estimate of rental prices on Find a Hood, I recommend using the platform’s search filters. You can input your specific criteria, including location, property type, and budget, to view properties that match your preferences. This way, you can find apartments that are within your desired price range.


6. Spareroom

This is one of the best sites to visit if you are really on a tight budget and you don’t mind having a room mate. SpareRoom helps people looking for a room find people with a room to rent.  On the platform once you input your details, you will be shown listings and people that are available to split the rent with you.

Benefits for Property Seekers

1. Vast and Diverse Listings 2. User-Friendly Interface and Advanced Search Tools 3. Community and Safety

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Spareroom

1. Account Registration 2. Verification of Identity 3. Profile Completion 4. Financial Stability 5. References and Recommendations 6. Communication and Responsiveness 7. Respect for House Rules and Guidelines

Estimated Price of Renting a House on Spareroom

For the most precise rental price estimates on Spareroom, utilise the platform’s search filters. Input your criteria like location, property type, and budget to see properties aligning with your preferences. This helps find apartments within your desired price range.


Securing affordable housing in the UK as an immigrant before relocating demands proactive research, financial planning, and Visiting the right platforms.  The journey to finding suitable accommodation becomes easy if you know the right places to look for the house that suit your budget.
In the renting process remember to verify the legitimacy of landlords or agencies to ensure a smooth and secure rental process. Make sure you do your due diligence so that you wont get scammed. We wish you good luck on your quest to rent a place thatch suitable for you.
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